Software: Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
A visual documentary of a community: Late Night Kmart Shoppers. This was a somewhat sarcastic response to a university assignment calling for an exploration into a "community" of which I am a part of. Along the way, Nine(ish) P.M. became unexpectedly meaningful.
This project explored the production of an experimental book via creation of a visual narrative. This involved photographing a Kmart store and its inhabitants and presenting the findings in a visually engaging manner, whilst also adopting a limited colour palette. The approach to a visual narrative was to incorporate aspects of the community in a before/after scenario, showcasing the two sides to the story. Adopting the Kmart colour scheme, graphic symbols and previous taglines helped to set the scene. A key character in the visual narrative is given a voice through the use of typography and colouring.
The final product was presented as a concertina style booklet, clad in foam board and adhesive marble vinyl. The marble is a reference to a popular faux aesthetic commonly seen in Kmart products.
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